Offsite Data Recovery services focus on the recovery of your data in the event of a critical issue

At Sentinel, we pride ourselves on that fact our consultants are experts at implementing DRP solutions for both small and large businesses. Contact us today and see how, by discussing and analysing your current business exposure, we can help your business ensure recovery is guaranteed.

Work Remotely

Work remotely in the event of an emergency!

Our Offsite Data Recovery services ensures your business will continue to run in the event of an emergency. Keeping offsite backups means that information can be accessed from anywhere at any time when you need it!

Hyper-V Replication & Virtual Standby machines

Hyper-V replication & virtual standby machines allow Sentinel to quickly recover your information after a system outage. We receive up to the minute email alerts when systems are unresponsive or certain conditions occur. This allows us to quickly act and get you back online, fast. Furthermore we can automate system recovery, meaning you are back to business even quicker.