Sentinel can help with both Project Consulting & General IT Consulting needs

Project Consulting

All too often IT projects runaway due to poor management or a lack of understanding of targets and deliverables.

Our experienced staff can manage IT projects for you and keep all parties on target and more importantly, on budget.

We can also offer the in-house team another set of technical hands throughout the project to assist them to reach deadlines.

We provide an impartial voice in the process and keep the project flowing to a conclusion that leaves the client and supplier happy with the outcome, with no surprises.

General IT Consulting

We can help to make day to day decisions about your business IT strategy clearer and business aligned. We can offer insight into current trends and technologies that may assist your business, and help to implement these changes.

If you have an internal IT team that need another set of eyes on a tough problem, we can provide expertise as and when required to help find the solution.

As your Trusted Advisors we can keep your business competitive in today’s marketplace.