Whether you’re business is a small start up, or a large enterprise, a cloud or onsite PBX solution can help your business lower costs & improve on the quality of your calls.

With a cloud hosted PBX system, your business is able to save money by avoiding the initial, upfront costs of purchasing hardware. Lowering costs is only the beginning of what new, internet phone systems can do. Phone systems are no longer tied to single location, allowing for location flexibility

Hosted PBX Benefits at a glance:

  • Easily link in satellite and home offices
  • Flexible phone locations
  • Lower upfront costs

Cloud Hosted PBX vs Onsite PBX – Differences and costs

Cloud Hosted PBX:

  • Lower initial equipment cost and set-up cost
  • Network qualification is performed by the customer. Any upgrades are at the customers expense
  • All IP-PBX feature programming is done by the customer
  • No maintenance costs of the IP-PBX, but all on-premise and remote phones and network devices are the responsibility of the customer
  • Staff training is the responsibility of the customer
  • Low monthly service cost
  • Easy to add extra lines
  • Upgrades and new features are included
  • Extended features, like conferencing, may come with additional costs

On Premise PBX:

  • Higher initial cost and set-up cost
  • Potentially higher maintenance costs
  • Lower monthly cost after expenses are covered
  • Ability to SIP trunk to get lower cost calls
  • On-premise IP-PBX provider will qualify network
  • On-premise IP-PBX provider will install and program IP-PBX
  • On-premise IP-PBX will train staff on feature use and “best practices”