A SIP VoIP phone is a system that looks similar to a regular desktop phone. The phone plugs straight into  an ethernet port and is completely separate from your machine. This system offers the best call quality.

The main advantages to using a true VoIP phone system are:

  1. Having dedicated keys set for on-the-phone functions, such as voicemail
  2. Greater audio and call quality to sound more professional

VoIP / SIP Trunks – A quick comparison

Cloud Hosted PBX:

  • Lower initial equipment cost and set-up cost
  • Network qualification is performed by the customer. Any upgrades are at the customers expense
  • All IP-PBX feature programming is done by the customer
  • No maintenance costs of the IP-PBX, but all on-premise and remote phones and network devices are the responsibility of the customer
  • Staff training is the responsibility of the customer
  • Low monthly service cost
  • Easy to add extra lines
  • Upgrades and new features are included
  • Extended features, like conferencing, may come with additional costs

On Premise PBX:

  • Higher initial cost and set-up cost
  • Potentially higher maintenance costs
  • Lower monthly cost after expenses are covered
  • Ability to SIP trunk to get lower cost calls
  • On-premise IP-PBX provider will qualify network
  • On-premise IP-PBX provider will install and program IP-PBX
  • On-premise IP-PBX will train staff on feature use and “best practices”